Apex Legends Hits 10 Million Players In Just Three Days

The new Electronic Arts sensation broke all records

Feb 08, 2019

APEX Legends was released tuesday February 5th after big expectation, in part due to a strong promotional campaign that Electronic Arts organised with influencers and streamers. Just three days after its launch, the game has reached 10 millions players, making history in the gaming industry. This is a classic battle-royale video game, but with clever details that allow groundbreaking playing experience.

“It is a battle-royale free to play game where fighters from across the border build teams to fight for glory, fame and fortune", according to its official website, with a conventional but at the same time very successful style. Like any other game of this nature, we can find 100 players on a same map where the winner is the last survivor. Of course, there is a squad-based gameplay (by teams of three) as well.

Youtubers and influencers from around the world were invited to the pre-launch of the game in Los Angeles, where they had the opportunity to enjoy the specific features of APEX Legends without limit, although there was not any published detail or image. A few days later, it was globally released. The gamers reaction could not be greater, achieving unbelievable records in the history of video games.

Certainly, the great majority of players compared the gameplay and the structure of APEX with Fortnite, the famous title of Epic Games. The mechanics are very similar and their gameplay almost identical, so the audience is constantly comparing the two games. But for the record, Fortnite took 11 more days (a total of 2 weeks) to reach 10 million players.