John Allen Joins the LPE

The British caster will lead all English language broadcasts for the LPE.

Dec 20, 2018
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Experienced caster John Allen will lead broadcasts as the new host for the League of Professional Esports. One of the most promising play-by-play commentators on the British scene, Mr. Allen has an outstanding view of the state of international esports events. “ I am so excited to have this opportunity to try something new and help to develop a product with some legendary sports clubs”, said the Londoner.

Like his Spanish counter part Mr. Readys, John Allen will be in charge of the LPE's English language broadcasts on TwitchTV and YouTube. A veteran of the grassroots UK esport community, he earned a name for himself casting for events in UK, always with versatility and his unmistakable deep voice. He also believes that all those events he worked for have only strengthened his passion. 

John's previous experience includes casting for games such as Arena of Valor, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. He hosted the Arena of Valor International Championship in Asia and the ESL Pro League's second CS:GO stream live from Leicester. He also worked as permanent caster for the Overwatch Arena Clash, which is based in the UK.

However, the Brit is a quick study and is preparing to make his debut casting the LPE's set of games. “ Fortune favors the bold and taking on the challenges presented with confidence has allowed me to succeed” said the commentator. “ I've been making sure I'm up to date with the meta, the players, the league, everything in order to make sure I can provide a great experience for the viewer”.