LPE — A New Reality for Esports

The story of how the League of Professional eSports started and how it's changing the eSports world.

Oct 10, 2018
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Like many other stories, this one also started with a little boy dreaming of becoming a football player. However, this story did not end like the stories of Messi and Cristiano. Unfortunately for our little boy, when he tried out for a football team the result was simply "awful," as he says himself. Sports loss is esports gain. There is no glory without defeat, and the rejection from football made Xavi Cortés - CEO & Founder of the LPE - realize what he was really good at, video games.

Xavi decided to focus 100% on the video games' industry, and after many years working as a consultant, he had another realization: sports' entities like football clubs and basketball teams did not understand esports. "They thought the esports were only simulation games," Xavi explains.

On one side, there was increased interest from sports' clubs in video games, and on the other, a competition scenario full of flaws and gaps, holding back esports from becoming professional. But, what if there was an eSports League like the UEFA or the NBA? A League that was transparent and decentralized, played by official clubs and with professional conditions, work contracts, salaries, and legal rules to stipulate the values and terms of the competition. It didn't sound like a bad idea, and soon enough, Xavi would discover there was another person out there, thinking the same thing. 

"One day in Barcelona a friend called me and said, 'look, I'm here with a person from a Japanese multinational company, he likes video games and Dragon Ball, I think you guys should meet,' and so we went for a coffee and spent one-hour talking. We instantly connected and one month later I was having dinner in Tokyo with them."

Today Xavi and the CEO of Akatsuki, a Japanese multinational entertainment company, are more than business partners. They are two friends implementing a vision like no other in the world. The LPE aims to elevate esports to the same status of traditional sports, promoting equality and transparency, and creating a new hybrid reality for the virtual contests. 

In the end, Xavi didn't make it as a footballer, but he still made one of his dreams come true, combining his two biggest passions: sports and video games.