Real Sociedad Joins the LPE

Real Sociedad takes a leap into the emerging esports industry.

Dec 10, 2018
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Real Sociedad takes a leap into the emerging esports industry. 

The League of Professional Esports is thrilled to announce that Real Sociedad will be competing during the league’s inaugural season.

The long-running club, which also goes by the name Txuri Urdin, partnered with the esports consultancy firm Esportia to help guide them as they build a new competitive division focused on competitions like the LPE’s.

With their new esports section up and running, the LPE provides the ideal competitive environment, it will feature only major league sports organizations from around the world when it kicks off its first season in January.

A step forward 

Esports mobilize and connect young viewers in an era where traditional sports are failing to do the same. Le Real’s new esports division gives them the chance to compete in a new international arena, taking their name and brand to audiences that would have been unreachable before.