Revol Aimar And Aryx, New Clash Royale Analysts For The LPE

Dec 19, 2018
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You can’t build a team without leaders, a center, an anchor. We couldn’t have found a better core for our team than Revol Aimar and Aryx. These two famous Clash Royale casters will be taking their extensive experience in different competitions and leading the LPE’s Clash coverage alongside a group professionals who will join them in the broadcast season.

The LPE will stream all matches, both regular and playoff, in two languages: Spanish and English, and Aimar, who hails from Valencia on the east coast of Spain, will headline our Clash Royale programming en Español. Meanwhile, Aryx will take on the English broadcast related to Clash. Both will do so from the LPE’s studios in the Audiovisual Park of Catalonia near Barcelona.

Both casters sport unrivaled game knowledge after years in the international Clash Royale scene. They arrive to the LPE as the new faces of a global project that aims to take esports to the next level, with values of transparency and equality. You can follow our Clash Royale competition live on YouTube and Twitch, and on the LPE’s website,

Néstor “Revol Aimar” Aguado, Proven Experience

With more than 40k subscribers to his YouTube channel, Revol Aimar brings both credibility and years of experience to the LPE. He’s been building his fanbase for over two years and covered the top international clash events while organizing tournaments himself.

Previously he worked with leagues like Connect to Play, Gamefield, and the Royal Premier League AKA Liga Leyenda. He brings that extensive experience along with unparalleled professionalism and sense of responsibility to a new global stage with the LPE.

Jairo “Aryx” Sanz , Europe Elite

Aryx comes from Almeria, in the south of Spain, and began his Clash career as a player. He earned a reputation as one of the top European players in individual competition at the Helsinki Tournament in 2016. His technical knowledge helped him create a YouTube channel where he broke down the game in an easy to understand way, allowing thousands of players of all levels to learn top-tier Clash tactics.

Last year he served as an analyst during the most important individual Clash competition in the world from Cologne (Germany): the Crown Championship Global Series. He also worked as a caster at Clash Royale Worlds, ESWC, Honor Cup, and various Gamergy events during the 2017’s last semester.