The Magic World of Kingdom Hearts III is Finally Back

Feb 04, 2019
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Kingdom Hearts is back for PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Many years have passed for all the fans of this amazing saga. Now, the wait is over and on January 25, the long wished-for RPG hit shelves and servers around the world. The third part of the Kingdom Hearts series has taken the world by storm, and its community has welcomed it with open arms.

Kingdom Hearts series features on the world’s most well-known characters from Disney, mixing unprecedented new skills and transformations. It’s a charming adventure with magical worlds, marrying the familiarity of Disney and famous characters like Donald Duck or Pluto, with the fantastic nature of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series and its heroes.

The first Kingdom Hearts arrived in 2002, nearly 17 years ago on the PlayStation 2 where it earned a cult following. A tidal wave of sequels and spin-offs followed for not just Sony’s iconic console, but for the PSP, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation 3.

The game became an absolute success bringing these two different universes. After the slew of spin-offs Square Enix kept eager fans sated with remakes and remasters for multiple titles in the series, but none of these could satisfy the clamoring masses. Thankfully for them this new chapter proved that a sequel has been worth the wait.