Tokyo Verdy - LPE Team Spotlight

The soccer team from the LPE’s second home-town will compete in the league’s historic first season.

Dec 14, 2018
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It might not be a household name in Europe but Tokyo Verdy is a football club with a half-century of history and half-a-dozen national titles to its name. The LPE is thrilled that the team will be joining our league for our debut season in January.

Tokyo Verdy is one of the founding teams of Tokyo’s pro football league, J-league, and they’making history again as a founding member of the LPE. They were one of the first teams to announced their intention to compete in the LPE earlier this year, and they even sent their FIFA superstar player y0ichiro to help out when announced the LPE at Gamescom this past August.

The team from Japan is no stranger to the world of esports, having formed and fielded a team for the FIFA eWorld Cup in 2018. We know they’re currently scouting and building teams for competition in the LPE’s games and we can’t wait to see this historic club in action next year.