Why China Banned Twitch

China banned the number one video games’ streaming site in the world. It was not a technical failure, Twitch is out of the Chinese market. Find out why!

Oct 10, 2018
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Where Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube have been banned, Twitch never stood a chance, or did it? Sometimes success can be your own enemy and that is probably what happened to Twitch, the biggest esports streaming platform in the world. 

Bought in 2014 by Amazon for almost one billion dollars, Twitch has over 100 million users a month and more than 15 million daily users.  Even if those numbers are still far from the 2 billion Facebook users or the 1.8 billion YouTube monthly viewers, they were big enough to scare the Chinese Government. At first, users thought it was a technical problem, as both the app and the website were down, but Twitch quickly confirmed that technical failure was not the reason behind its mysterious disappearance.

The government banned Twitch after half a million users saw its non-authorized streams of the Jakarta Asian Games. Coincidence or not, Twitch disappeared from China like an airplane that vanishes in the sky.

Twitch had positioned itself as the 3rd most popular app, but still behind the government-friendly platforms Douyu and Huya, this last one supported by the Chinese giant Tencent. It is well known that China promotes the use of local tools in order to control the information consumed by Chinese citizens, it's why Google and Facebook remain banned in the country. Apparently, Twitch was getting out of control.