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General Rules of Participation

Why did we create General Rules for the LPE?

Because we want to ensure the equality, professionalism and transparency of the LPE League.

The General Rules for the LPE ensure we create world-class competitions with transparency, equality, and professionalism. They provide the legal support to guarantee equal conditions for all clubs and protect the players’ rights by making work contracts mandatory.

We hope these rules will help keep clubs, teams, and players committed, motivated, and ready to offer viewers high-level competitions with superior talent.

All championships and tournaments of the LPE are defined and determined by the General Rules. They also describe the specific participation terms for all teams and the games in which they will compete.

Social Responsibility

We believe in you!

If you have the passion...
If you can pick yourself up when life throws you down...
If you are not afraid of hard work and pain...
If you believe you can do anything you set your mind to...
If you know this is more than just a game...
It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from.
At LPE we believe everybody is a potential winner.

Because this is the game of life, and there is no glory without defeat.

We built the LPE on the values of equality, diversity, and transparency.
Our General Rules open the LPE to all, regardless of gender, nationality, race, or religion, ensuring equal opportunities in the competition for everyone, and fair, professional conditions for clubs, teams, and players. These rules also guarantee the transparency of all championships and tournaments.

We believe that everyone can be an esports champion. There are no limitations.
We believe in you!